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WARNING: Contains spoilers!

This graph plots newpix of the OTC directly against newpages of the OTT, showing how interest in Time has fluctuated, at least among OTTers. The graph is presented in two forms: one with the bare line of OTT against OTT, and the other with assorted markings. Rate of posting is easier to make out on the bare one, but the markings provide some interesting additional information.

Graph of One True Comic activity vs. One True Thread activity (PNG format)

Graph of One True Comic activity vs. One True Thread activity (PNG format)

We can make a number of observations, some of them rather surprising. The main line plots OTT directly to OTC (yes, there are over 36,000 data points): the steeper the line, the more posts per newpix. In the first wip, of course, the post rate is very high.

On the sixth xip, when the newpix rate is halved, I expected to see the line steepen, since there was more Outside time for posting to each newpix. Instead, after a fewpix the post rate drops sharply. That seems to be the first point at which a significant number of Waiters decide, "Randall's jerking our chain," and begin to bail out. Notice, over the next wip, the density of red hash marks indicating where a Waiter posts for the last time, starting even before Time fails to end on April 1st.

Despite the flight of so many Waiters, the OTT stays fairly active, slowing down somewhat when Megan takes a nap, only to surge forward again at the appearance of La Petite. And when Megan says, "bye," we see a substantial surge in first-posters, right up through the Fade-out.

But when we join Megball in their explorations, interest begins to drop off again; there's another surge of last-posts over the next few xips. Not until the "Neat" tree and the early molpy activity does the decline stop, though some of the slowdown may have been due to school finals.

After that point, OTT activity remains fairly steady, although at the very end there's a distinct surge after the raptorcat springs. The wiply wobble is quite visible, as posting slows down on the Outside wipend (just before the wip lines on the graph.) There's been a slight decline in recent wips, but nothing I'm going to worry about just yet. After all, summer's started; the sunny Outside is bound to look attractive for a little while, until insanity sets back in....