The Constellations of Time

The Constellations of Time is a project to visualize the quotes in the OTT. The images use the data gleened from analyzing the thread and building a graph which shows who has quoted whom how many times, the average post length and the post count of individual users. Only those who contributed quotes are shown in the graphs. Currently there are about 900 users (nodes) and 10.000 quotes (edges) in the graphs.
The layout is based on the attraction between nodes connected through quotes and repulsion from those who are not connected (using the Force Atlas algorithm of Gephi).

The Images

The Data

For those interested, the data can be downloaded here (751 KB ) in the form of a gexf file.
The whole thread in plain text (utf-8 encoded) without quotes is available here
I am working on a database for art related to Time and the OTT. It isn't finished, but you can have a look at it here.

Other Visualizations

Measuring Entropy

This one started out as an attempt to measure contributed information by post to the OTT. Several attempts failed rather miserably, once I thought I got it right there was some comotion about me claiming to measure creativity and doing a top 100 list. I decided to keep my algorithm but phrase the metric more cautiously "New Word Combinations" and refrain from doing top lists. So what you see here is a weighted chart of added new words and word combinations (up to length 5) to the OTT. The interesting thing still is how this metric is still climbing despite the intuitive claim that it should be falling the more things already have been said.

User Visualization

This is but a byproduct of another project I am currently working on. I just dumped a weighted user list into wordle and made a screenshot of the result. That's all.


This is yet another way to look at the OTT. The avatars of the users in a kind of treemap, their size corresponding to post count. This is the third iteration. There is a huge version available too.

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